Get a psychological profile on anyone - identify traits and risks of mental illnesses.

Get a report on anyone and learn about possible mental health risks, personality traits (including Big Five), cognitive abilities, attachment style, depression/anxiety risk and much more.

Learn about the psychological makeup of anyone including your new hires, romantic partner, spouse, your boss or public personas.

How Does it Work?


Upload your assessment document

Provide us with your file such as (resume/CV, cover letter, application forms, references, behavioral interviews, skills assessments, personality tests, transcripts of conversations, self assessment forms and questionnaires, therapy transcripts, school records, performance reviews, private writings, social media posts, creative works) etc.


Our AI will analyze your documents and create a psychological profile.


    Download and use your psychological profile & Privacy expectations

    When your profile has been created, you can easily download and use the text in whatever way you need. We process your data onsite, but depending on the document type and length will share it with third parties for analysis. Your data will be fully deleted from our servers within 14 days.