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I Was Someone Else When I Was On Antidepressants

I Was Someone Else When I Was On Antidepressants - How Antidepressants Altered My Personality

When I started taking antidepressants, I was surprised by the profound changes I experienced in my personality and sense of self. It was as if I had become a completely different person, one that I barely recognized.

Prior to starting the medication, I was a passionate, animated individual with a wide range of emotions. I felt deeply, laughed heartily, and expressed my thoughts and feelings freely. However, once the antidepressants kicked in, that vibrant part of my personality seemed to vanish. I became calm, almost apathetic, with a muted emotional range. Tasks that once energized me now felt like a chore, and I lost the spark that had defined me.

Moreover, my decision-making abilities appeared to shift. Choices that would have previously filled me with anxiety or excitement now elicited little more than a shrug. I found myself making decisions based on logic rather than instinct, unable to tap into the intuitive part of myself that had guided me before. This rational approach felt foreign and detached, removing a core element of who I was.

Interestingly, my relationships also transformed. I became more reserved, less willing to open up and share my innermost thoughts and feelings. Friends and family members expressed concern, noting that I seemed distant and disconnected. The vibrant, engaging person they knew had been replaced by a more subdued, less expressive individual.

Even my creativity, which had once flowed freely, seemed to stagnate. The ideas and inspirations that had fueled my artistic pursuits dwindled, and I struggled to find the same level of passion and drive. It was as if the medication had dampened the very essence of my being, leaving me feeling like a pale imitation of my former self.

The changes were so profound that I found myself questioning my own identity. Who was I, really? Had the medication simply revealed my true self, or had it fundamentally altered who I was? These questions haunted me, leaving me unsettled and unsure of my place in the world.

I Was Someone Else When I Was On Antidepressants - Navigating Relationships During Antidepressant Treatment

The profound changes in personality and emotional expression brought on by antidepressants can significantly impact one's relationships. As the individual becomes more reserved and less willing to open up, close friends and family members may struggle to connect with the "new" version of their loved one.

One key challenge is the shift in communication patterns. Where there was once an effortless flow of thoughts and feelings, there may now be a notable distance and hesitance to share innermost experiences. This can leave partners, spouses, and close confidants feeling shut out and unsure of how to bridge the emotional gap.

Navigating this transition requires patience, understanding, and a willingness to adapt. Loved ones must recognize that the changes are not a reflection of their worth or the strength of the relationship, but rather a side effect of the medication. Encouraging open and honest dialogue, and creating a safe space for the individual to express their concerns, can help foster a sense of connection during this time.

It's also important to be mindful of the impact on intimacy, both physical and emotional. The dampened emotional range and decreased libido that are common with antidepressant use can strain romantic relationships. Couples may need to experiment with new ways of connecting and finding fulfillment, whether through physical touch, shared activities, or simply being present with one another.

For some individuals, the changes in personality and decision-making abilities can lead to a reevaluation of their relationships altogether. They may find themselves questioning the authenticity of their connections or feeling a sense of disconnect from their loved ones. This can be a challenging and isolating experience, underscoring the importance of seeking support from mental health professionals, support groups, or trusted confidants.

Get a psychological profile on anyone - identify traits and risks of mental illness. (Get started for free)

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