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Why can't I log in to my account, and how can I determine if I've been permanently banned or if my account is temporarily suspended?

On Reddit, if your account has been banned, you'll see a message at the top of the website or app about your banned status.

Instagram doesn't explicitly inform users if their account has been permanently banned.

Instead, you may not be able to log in and may see an error message.

League of Legends sends a message to your registered email address if your account is suspended or banned.

The duration and type of ban (device or account) in Destiny are indicated in the ban message displayed in the game.

Instagram bans can be a result of violating any of the platform's community guidelines, including spam, violence, and misinformation.

League of Legends' suspension and ban appeals process requires submitting a ticket and selecting "Discuss a Personal Suspension Ban or Restriction" as the request type.

Destiny's account bans prevent players from accessing the banned Destiny activities on that account, while device bans restrict playing Destiny activities on that hardware.

EA's ban message for a specific game or device is usually sent via email, mentioning the details and duration of the ban or suspension.

Reddit's ban messages specify the reason for the ban and its duration, and users receive a message in their Reddit inbox regarding the ban.

Instagram's account review process can be initiated by following the on-screen instructions, after trying to log in and seeing a ban message.

Activision Support's account ban appeals process requires players to first review the User Agreement and Security and Enforcement Policy.

Disputing a ban or suspension in League of Legends, Destiny, or EA games is only successful if the player can prove unauthorized activity on their account.

EA games have a Positive Play Charter and User Agreement that outlines expectations for players, including proper ingame support button usage.

A history of bans or suspensions on an EA account might not show on the "My Ban History" page if the infraction occurred on a specific game or device.

Players can check their ban or suspension status in EA games by looking for notifications via email and checking their EA Account for any restrictions.

In some cases, Destiny bans can be partially lifted, allowing players to access specific activities, even if others remain restricted.

Players can appeal outcoming suspensions or bans in League of Legends if they genuinely believe they didn't break any rules.

Reddit bans result in the loss of voting, posting, commenting, and messaging abilities during the banned period.

EA games can issue bans or suspensions on a specific game or device, impacting a player's ability to access and play the game on that platform.

A banned player on Reddit can appeal the ban by submitting a support request, discussing the suspension or ban, and providing reasons for the appeal.

Get a psychological profile on anyone - identify traits and risks of mental illnesses. (Get started for free)