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"Are INFJ personality types similar to 'good' sociopaths, or are we actually unaware sociopaths without realizing it?"

INFJs have a well-developed Fe (extraverted feeling) function, which allows them to empathize with others, unlike sociopaths who lack empathy.

While INFJs are not inherently sociopathic, they may exhibit some sociopathic tendencies, such as being overly charming or manipulative, but this is not a defining characteristic of their personality type.

Sociopaths may be drawn to INFJs because they crave the attention and empathy that INFJs offer, making INFJs vulnerable targets for manipulation.

INFJs may try to "cure" sociopaths, leading to codependency, due to their empathetic nature and desire to help others.

INFJs have a strong intuition and insight into human behavior, which can intrigue sociopaths who enjoy manipulating others for personal gain.

INFJs' desire to help and heal others may make them vulnerable targets for narcissism, sociopathy, and other personality disorders.

INFJs are considered to be among the most impressionable or chameleonic of the personality types, which can make them susceptible to manipulation.

Research suggests that disorders in the sociopathic spectrum, including narcissism and borderline personality, are grounded in a weak sense of self, which is not a characteristic of INFJs.

INFJs' strong sense of intuition and emotional understanding can make them appear to have two distinct personalities, which can confuse even themselves.

Despite their empathetic nature, INFJs are not pushovers and have deeply held beliefs, with the ability to act decisively to get what they want.

Sociopaths, on the other hand, are hungry for power and do not feel guilt or remorse, making them dangerous individuals.

INFJs' complex nature, with both thinking and feeling tendencies, can make it difficult for them to navigate relationships with sociopaths or others who may manipulate them.

While INFJs can be naive about sociopaths' intentions, they need to be aware of these dynamics to avoid getting entangled in toxic relationships.

Get a psychological profile on anyone - identify traits and risks of mental illnesses. (Get started for free)