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"What are some common habits or behaviors frequently observed in individuals with autism?"

Concrete counting: Autistic individuals often prefer concrete representations of numbers, such as fingers or objects, over abstract quantities.

Difficulty with magnitude: Autistic people may struggle with understanding the size or quantity of a set, impacting estimation, comparison, and ordering.

Unique counting strategies: Autistic individuals might use atypical but effective counting strategies, like rule-based counting or finger counting.

Counting errors: Autistic individuals may make more errors when forced to count above a certain level.

Developmental delays: Autistic individuals often experience delays in acquiring counting skills and mathematical understanding.

Anxiety and sensory sensitivities: High anxiety and sensory sensitivities can negatively impact the ability to learn and retain numerical concepts.

Autism does not guarantee math or science proficiency: While some autistic individuals excel in math and science, it is not a given due to their neurotype.

Autistic people can understand literature: Despite common misconceptions, autistic individuals can appreciate and understand literature.

Double empathy problem: Empathy is a two-way process that depends on social experiences and expectations, which may differ between autistic and non-autistic people, leading to miscommunication.

Neurodivergent intersubjectivity: Autistic people engage in intersubjectivity differently, impacting their understanding and engagement in social situations.

Not all autistic people have intense interests in math or science: While some do, other autistic individuals may have intense interests unrelated to these subjects.

Allergies and anxiety: Autistic individuals may have a higher prevalence of allergies and anxiety, impacting their overall well-being.

Get a psychological profile on anyone - identify traits and risks of mental illness. (Get started for free)