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Why do narcissists seem to have an undeniable magnetic pull towards INFJs?

INFJs' empathetic nature makes them attractive to narcissists, who seek constant validation and emotional support.

Narcissists use "love bombing" tactics to control their victims, and INFJs' highly sensitive nature makes them susceptible to manipulation.

INFJs are often drawn to narcissists due to their desire for a perfect romantic connection, aligning with narcissists' desire for an empathetic partner.

INFJs' intuitive abilities can make them ideal targets for manipulation, as they can detect subtle signals of danger but still be drawn to narcissists.

INFJs' selflessness, prioritizing others' feelings and needs over their own, can be appealing to narcissists seeking validation.

INFJs' empathetic and caring nature can be attractive to narcissists, who seek emotional support and validation.

Narcissists often target INFJs because of their idealistic and perfectionistic mindset, making INFJs more likely to fall for the initial lovebombing phase.

INFJs' tendency to seek the ultimate relationship can make them more vulnerable to narcissistic manipulation.

INFJs' desire to fix or indulge their narcissistic partners can result in unconscious self-sabotage, making it difficult for them to recognize and break free from manipulation.

Narcissists are attracted to INFJs because of their highly intuitive and empathetic nature, often mistaking their kindness for weakness.

INFJs' "protector" mentality can lead to harmful situations, as they may overlook warning signs and continue to emotionally invest in damaging relationships.

INFJs' tendency to attract narcissists is not a result of moral shortcomings or personal defects but rather their inherent qualities of empathy, kindness, and understanding.

INFJs' desire for resolution of childhood issues can sometimes draw them to narcissistic figures, as they subconsciously seek to heal past wounds.

Developing self-love and enforcing boundaries can help INFJs break the cycle of attracting narcissists and protect themselves from emotional manipulation.

Narcissistic abuse can have profound spiritual implications for both the narcissist and their victim, potentially catalyzing growth and transformation in both parties.

Get a psychological profile on anyone - identify traits and risks of mental illnesses. (Get started for free)